If your brand was a pizza, and equally relevant questions

Looking for an easy way to find your company’s brand personality?

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1) If your company was a sports car, it would be:

—-> Easy – a vintage cream-coloured Jaguar with leather interior, naturally

2) If your company was a pizza, it would be:

—-> Fully loaded veggie supreme, extra mushrooms, extra sauce, extra cheese, yet somehow low-cal..

3) If your company was a celebrity, it would be:

—-> That guy who plays Thor


It would seem these are more to do with want I WANT, and less about what I AM. So let’s get to the point.

We see this type of thing on Facebook everyday: “If I were a GPS system, I would be…” And you may have noticed that the ‘reveals’ are often less than accurate.

So why are these acceptable exercises for developing your company’s Brand Personality?

They are NOT.

In fact, results can be quite subjective – to mood, what you ate for lunch, even what your neighbour thinks of your new haircut.

For small business owners, so much of your Brand Personality comes from within, so think about what your company stands for and your core values, and connect them to the core values of your customers.

And be consistent. No matter what you had for lunch.

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