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We created something amazing together, and you’ve graciously agreed to leave a video testimonial of your experience working with Bizbee Creative.

Thank You! It’s clients like you that make my work so rewarding.
How it works:

Your testimonial can be as free-flowing as you like – I’m all about letting personality shine! I want to capture how the experience was for you, and hear some of the primary benefits you’ve experienced as a result, but how you do that is entirely up to you.

What you need to do:

Click the Record Video button below and a tool will open up activating your web or mobile camera. You will need to give permission to the Vidrack software to access your camera.

Permission must be given to enable Vidrack access to your camera. Certain browsers (Google Chrome, e.g.) may require you click on a button (on the top of the internet browser) allowing access to the camera. This is an extra layer of protection offered by the browser that Vidrack does not have any control over. If you would prefer to record a video on your own and send it along, that would be lovely too.

If you’re looking for some tips:

Absolutely! Here are a few topics you could touch on:

  • What project did we knock out of the park for you?
  • What was your situation prior to working with Bizbee Creative?
  • What main benefit have you noticed since working together?
  • How was the creative experience – did Heather make you laugh with her bad jokes?
  • Did you experience any major epiphanies, or general “Of course! Genius!” moments?
  • Why do you recommend Bizbee Creative?
Now that you’ve applied some lipgloss, and are ready to roll:

Lights, camera…[record_video align=”left”]

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